Police attack anti-Columbus Day protest

On Oct. 6 the Transform Columbus Day Alliance, Colorado AIM and supporters challenged the parade honoring Christopher Columbus as a hero. This year marked the hundredth year since the first official celebration in Colorado—which was the first state to officially recognize Columbus, the mass murderer and slave trader, as deserving praise instead of vilification.



Hundreds of protesters, far outnumbering those participating in the parade, came out to chant against, at this point, the most right wing and racist elements that see no problem with the genocidal conquest of the Americas by Europeans.

The city used nearly one hundred cops and sheriffs, many in full riot gear, some with assault rifles and weapons bearing tear gas pellets at the ready. Eighty-eight protesters were arrested and brutalized by cops, who laughed and jeered at protesters right along with the participants in the Columbus Day parade.

The police tactics were brutal and brought many protesters to tears. What happened on Oct. 6 is another example of why the protest at the Democratic National Convention next August is so important.

—Report and photo by Larry Hales, FIST member in Denver


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