Bail out the PEOPLE–Not the banks!


Nationally Coordinated, Local Mass Actions

October 24 – 27


from the youth group FIST–Fight Imperialism, Stand Together

Money for jobs, schools, health care, housing – not the rich –

a moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions

Organize marches and demonstrations in front of banks -especially JP Morgan Chase, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank – or at your local federal reserve bank – organize a teach-in on the bail out, or a public hearing, etc.

As youth and students, we are outraged that the Senate recently approved a $700 billion bailout of the banks.

At a time of massive home foreclosures, job layoffs, rising food prices and cutbacks in social services–including education–how dare these politicians hand out billions of dollars to the filthy rich? As youth and students, we have seen our jobs and student loans disappear, while we and our families scramble to make ends meet.

An Associated Press writer noted that that money could pay the average wages of 22 million people in the U.S. for a year–or pay off the outstanding student loan debt, which is currently at $550 billion–or cover universal health care for six years.

We know that NOW is the time to ACT. These politicians, in the pockets of big business, have only their interests in mind. It’s up to us to fight for our rights and needs.

With that in mind, we are calling for regional days of action on the weekend of October 24 through 26. We are asking for grassroots, community and youth organizations, trade unionists, anti-racist forces, the anti-war movement, and everyone who’s just mad as hell about the “banker bailout” to both endorse this call and take ownership of it – plan actions for this time in your cities across the country.

During this unprecedented economic crisis, we must mobilize and organize ourselves and workers throughout the U.S. to fight the inevitable attempt of the capitalists to resolve this crisis on our backs!



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