Show Solidarity with People of Greece

Protest for Greek Students and Workers

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  1. The people of Greece are finally bursting the bubble of corporate domination. The government, rather than raising taxes on its wealthy upper class to pay for the revenue they lost during the financial meltdown (which, let us not forget, was caused by corporate greed and the predatory lending policies enacted to take advantage of the lower class) cut workers’ benefits and left the people of Greece to starve while the government did all it could to promote the agendas of its corporate megaliths. This is one of the most blatant examples of Western “democracies” showing their true colors and bending to the will of the corporations that have controlled them all along at the expense of the people they claim to serve.

    Let us not forget that this was just the fuel under the fire, the spark that lit it was the repressive police-murder of a 15-year old political dissident. A young boy, for mentioning an alternative, classless society free from the iron clench of the shadowy corporate overlords, was silenced with a bullet. The government of Greece, following the pattern of all imperialist, Western “democracies”, when faced with a situation where social opiates such as “self-government” and manufactured racism among the lower class did not work to quiet the working class, used force.

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