FIST Statement on the G20

Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST) is calling on all youth and organizations of young people to support the Bail out the People Movement’s call for a global week of solidarity with the unemployed, to coincide with the G20 summit.

This September 24th and 25th, the G20 Summit of the world’s richest countries and developing nations will be in Pittsburgh to discuss the world’s worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

Government leaders, finance ministers, and central bankers will sit down to meet with corporate and banking executives, while people who have been hit the hardest around the world are ignored.

In May of this year, the International Labor Organization issued a projection that, due to the global recession, unemployment would increase by anywhere in between 39 to 59 million people for 2009.

For youth, this number is said to increase between 11 and 17 million, or 14-15% from the previous 12%.

The worst part is that although these numbers are impactful enough, these are actually understated.  In the U.S., while the official unemployment rate stands at 9.6%, the real unemployment, rate, accounting for people who long ago stopped looking for work and those who need full time work and can only find part time work, is 16.5%.  This translates to nearly 26 million people in the U.S. alone.

The youth unemployment rate for those 16 to 24 is more than 14%. The unemployment rate increases to 20% for Latina/o youth and 30% for Black youth.

The ILO also projects that more than 200 million additional workers, from 2007-2009 will have been forced to live on less than $2 per day. This is in addition to the more than 1 billion people that are already living in dire poverty and surviving on less than $1 per day, according to the World Bank.

While the poor and working class continue to suffer, capitalist governments around the world have injected trillions into financial institutions. The U.S. has given away nearly $12 trillion to banks or auto corporations. That’s 20% of the world’s gross domestic product.

Join the Bail Out the People Movement, FIST and other organizations as we mobilize to build caravans of the unemployed from around the country to join together in Pittsburgh.

Help us construct a Tent City for the unemployed and march on the summit of the world’s richest nations and so-called developing nations to raise demands of the billions of people who were not invited to sit at the table. Remember, without struggle there is no gain.

Fight Imperialism Stand Together.


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