Class War

(Original Poem by Mike Martinez, Miami FIST)

I’ll take a shower under a hail of bullets for the people!
Wage a class war cuz we got to get equal,
smash white Supremacy and win independence for Puerto Rico!

So get ready cuz I’m coming strapped,
with those who are conscious and those who fight back!

The capitalists?

Bankers, landlords and bosses…

Let’s kick their asses
to make society classless
and bring the power back to the masses!

I was born to die for the ca$hless
and resurrect the movement for socialism out of its ashes!

Don’t forget, I got my scope on you fascists.

I’m reading Lenin, training and target practice
so let’s see who’s the fastest!

You killed the red man, stole the Earth then you sold her!

But we’re gonna burn all your deeds and titles, cuz this land has no owner!

The time for capitalism, slavery and exploitation is over!

Because your crimes against humanity are unforgivable
World peace and social justice under capitalism? It’s unattainable!

But with all your hate and racism, you’ve created a force that’s unstoppable.

After genocide, slavery, AIDs and global warming- this beef is unsquashable- because the class contradictions have become permanently irreconcilable!

Remember New Orleans?

You let those levees break, so we’ll break our chains, unite and change the relationships of force!

You won’t be able to dam the flood of the rushing tides of PEOPLE’S WAR,
because Bush used Katrina to Jack the 9th Ward

So I’m a raise my fist, stand up and fight back with those who won’t take it any more!

I’m telling every man, woman and child to join the Workers World Party… It’s the rich against the poor!

That’s right boss man; them bells are tollin’… time to settle the score!

The AK’s are stocked, cocked, and locked in the Dakotas, because the North and South belong to Lakota!

and this is just a first taste of what’s to come WHEN ALL DUCKS WILL BE IN ROW!

Wait till you see my Panther Comrades lead an uprising in every single last ghetto!

And don’t be astounded to find out that the Brown will put it down for the Barrios!

The Pentagon is lucky all these people are sleeping! Because with all their troops in Iraq we could easily catch ‘em slippin’.

And it’s the last time they’ll get caught trippin’!

Because food, housing, healthcare much less happiness are unavailable!

You wanna know why we bare arms, well… that’s easily explainable!

What can you tell me about Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell!

And that trigger happy cop who shot B.G. after he fell!

Officer Chrsitopher Villano… Villano! In Spanish that means villain.

Don’t tell me you don’t see the clues that the Matrix keeps revealin’.

And what about those pictures that for nearly 30 years they kept hidden, you know the ones that prove Mumia’s innocence! Isn’t anybody watching this!

But I see them best ‘cuz I was blessed with 20/20 visions! So follow my command! Every Woman, student and man – fall into position!
Let’s go door to door with a proletarian philosophy

One that’ll help the people make sense out of all of this insanity

So until the streets are united, then comrades keep fighting.

One day even the unions will start arming

And it will be all alarming, how fast we’ve united and built this people’s army!
So “Let the ruling classes tremble” that’s what the good book say.

Before you know it, it’ll be time to march with a loaded piece on Mayday!

We’ll put the bosses up against the wall, and bring justice to each one in the order of who’s the greediest of them all.

And as for the PIGS, they’re out of time! Because like a Muslim, I don’t deal with no swine! The revolution has come, one and ALL fall in line!



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