FIST Statement: Organize to smash tuition hikes and budget cuts

Organize to smash tuition hikes and budget cuts

Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST) calls on all students, teachers, faculty and staff to help organize for the March 4 National Day of Action to Defend Education.

This March 4 is an opportunity to mobilize against the ruling class’ coordinated assault on students and education workers, including:

  • Tuition hikes
  • Budget cuts
  • Privatization of K-12 schools
  • Cuts in student transportation assistance
  • Layoffs and furloughs of education workers

Education in the U.S. is under attack.  Students and workers are organizing to fight back.

Enough is enough.  Students and teachers in California know that, and they made a stand this past Fall with actions around the state.  California students took bold action and occupied a number of universities, including the University of California Berkeley and San Francisco State University.

California activists issued a call for statewide actions on March 4, 2010 coming out of an October conference of students, faculty and teachers.  Since that time organizers in California and around the country have expanded the call to include a nationwide day of actions.

Actions will be taking place around the country.  FIST will be helping to organize in many of those cities from New York to Raleigh to Miami.

Fight Imperialism Stand Together will mobilize in full force for the March 4 effort to fight back against the attacks on education.  Will you join us?

Whether you organize for March 4 with FIST, another organization or on your own–the most important thing is to organize.

For more information on organizing for March 4 with FIST check out the website at or contact a national FIST organizer directly:

Larry Hales:  720-979-9491

David Hoskins:  202-957-3387

No to the cruel tuition hikes! No to the war on the poor! Education not incarceration! Jobs for all! Education is a right!

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  1. South Pasadena Unified Grade “A” Jug Band protests the California State Budget cuts to public education in this music video, which is based on Woody Guthrie’s 1937 original, “Do Re Mi”. In the video, the students beg the governator, Arnold Schwarzenneger, to please restore money to education. The jug band is comprised of students from K-5. The video was a collaborative effort between parents and students at South Pasadena Unified School District.

    Check it out . . .

    pass it on . . .

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