Building a fightback movement against racism, cutbacks, intervention & war

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David Hoskins, National leader of FIST and an editor of Left Hook newspaper, Jan 16


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  1. I have seen tuition go as high as 50% at community colleges. I have heard that college presidents are getting raises and are cutting programs that help the community, but not big business. I have witness the cold heartless attitudes of college presidents turning away students, and raising tuition on the needy. College textbooks have gone up to 50% or more. Students are forced to pay for overpriced books and can’t resell them back for the price they where force to paid for them. I feel students are frustrated and they are forced to take dead jobs, or join the military to pay for college. The four year university are raising their tuition and are turning large profits to paid their college president salaries. Many who need a four year degree can no longer have one. I said it time the students take over their colleges .

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