Rally to free Sekou Odinga & all political prisoners

Chokwe Lumumba
Chokwe Lumumba

Attorney Chokwe Lumumba, a Jackson, Miss., City Council member, and revolutionary rapper M-1 from Dead Prez were among those on the platform during a “Political Prisoners Unity Rally” held Oct. 17 in Brooklyn, N.Y. Special attention was given to freeing Sekou Odinga, an activist who was imprisoned for actions with the Black Liberation Army in the 1960s and 1970s.

M-1 of Dead Prez.
M-1 of Dead Prez.

Called by the Sekou Odinga Solidarity Committee and the Committee to Honor Black Heroes, the large gathering of supporters was inspired by speakers at this rally. Lumumba said of these prisoners, “They’ve given their all!” Pam Africa of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal talked of buses being arranged for Mumia’s Nov. 9 hearing in Philadelphia, and how Mumia — innocent and still threatened with execution — represents all political prisoners and the racist frame-ups they have suffered. Other speakers included Charles Barron, Freedom Party candidate for New York governor, Fred Hampton Jr., Coltran Chimurenga of the December 12th Movement, and Dr. James McIntosh of Cemotap.

One conclusion and goal of those present was well expressed by revolutionary rap artist M-1 when he said “We have to dismantle the system!”


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