FIST salutes the students and workers of Puerto Rico

Fight Imperialism Stand Together salutes the students and workers of Puerto Rico for their valiant actions in defense of public education and against austerity in general.  We extend our solidarity to you on this important day, for the general strike and against the attacks from the police and any armed agents doing the bidding of the state.

Around there has been tremendous struggles against the attempt by governments, dictated by their ruling elite, to force the working class and students to bear the brundt of the crisis of the system of capitalism.  The struggle of students has emboldened the struggle of the working class in general and the great out pouring, along with the militancy being displayed has greatly impacted the movement in the U.S.

Such boldness has given us in the imperialist north a shot in the arm and has breathed abundant life into our movement, thus prospects are looking up.

The movement in Puerto Rico has woven the struggle for complete independence from the U.S. and against austerity expertly and FIST supports both and as we go forward we will continue to trumpet the demands of the people of Puerto Rico for independence from the imperialist U.S.  We also know that the burgeoning struggle here can only support the movement there.

Onward comrades,


To a Free Puerto Rico!

Down with U.S. Imperialism!

All Power to Students and Workers!

Long Live International Solidarity!

Fight Imperialism Stand Together


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