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Fight Imperialism–Stand Together (FIST) is a national group of young activists committed to fighting racism, sexism, oppression of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, and exploitation of the working class, all of which result from imperialism and capitalism. We believe that the only way to achieve true liberation for all peoples throughout the world is through socialism.

From the anti-war movement to struggles against police brutality, bigotry, globalization and more, youth have played a decisive role in all progressive social movements. We are living in a time when the need for a revolutionary movement, especially among youth, is stronger than ever.

Youths are being forced to kill and die in a criminal war against the Iraqi people. The possibility of finding a job with decent wages and benefits is getting slimmer all the time. The number of youths, particularly youths of color, being brutalized by the police and locked in prison grows larger every day. Tuition is skyrocketing at universities all over the country, making it impossible for youth to get an education without incurring a huge amount of debt.

It’s time for youth to organize to build the type of society that puts people’s needs first. FIST is dedicated to achieving such a society by building a multi-national, multi-gendered organization of revolutionary youth. We currently have youth organizing in Raleigh-Durham, Detroit, New York City, Denver, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, and Philadelphia .



  1. Wow, it heartens me to find the Movement alive, well and flourishing. Out of the shadows, we are emerging once more. Though our backgrounds may differ; our many languages, skin color and sex vary we are united by the bold vision of a world liberated from exploitation. This world, where production for need replaces the coldness of greed-where love for the Earth and each other overcomes the Corporate state and its henchmen. The journey is long and ardous; many good people have fallen, though none in vain. The oppresive dragon is aging rapidly now, its vanquishment is assured. Let us pull the sword free from the stone-the deed shall be done!

    With peace and hope,

    Craig Lindley


  3. I knew, of course, there were progressive people and organizations in America. People that fight the the beast from within its very womb. What I didn’t know is that they were so many ! And that they were joining the same causes and fighting the same fights thatn oppressed people in other countries…
    I am a portuguese communist, living in Lisbon, Portugal and I tell you your mere existence makes think there still hope for America and consequently for the rest of the world !
    Warmest regards from this side of the Atlantic !
    Luis Almeida
    PS- I knew about you from WWW Party.

  4. I came to this website curious, but I don’t see the answers. I see you say “Youths are being forced to kill and die in a criminal war against the Iraqi people” how are the youth being forced? There is no draft, there are jobs out there. Sometimes we have to take jobs we don’t like or have to relocate to find them, but they are out there. I worked as a waiter and delivered pizzas at night to go to college, I incurred no debt while obtaining my degree.

    I also wonder how F.I.S.T. wants to fund the Socialist country? The high taxes in Europe have severely hurt their technological growth, and they are behind on modern medicine. Another example can be found in California where the large number of socialist programs cost more money than their high taxes can bring in.

    I’m not trying to bash you or say your wrong in any way. I’m just trying to find answers.

  5. PJ,,,
    How long ago was it that you worked your way through college?
    The times are different today.
    Today, the reality is that there are far fewer options for today’s youth–especially when comparing/considering all the socialized military and veterans’ benefits–lifelong medical health care for the whole family, food, clothing, equipment, housing, 20-year retirement at 50% pay (75% after 25–or at least it used to be).
    Compared to flippin burgers at Mickie Ds, for those not considering what they are doing to innocent others, or the risks they will face–it’s a no-brainer–in many ways–as their future–as long as they conform and obey–is assured.
    As to the funding for socialism–and there are many different kinds of so-called socialistic nations–I’d suggest you take a look at Bolivia’s attempt to change from neo-liberal capitalism to communitarian socialism. From personal on the ground observations there–both before Morales and since, I can say without contradiction that the people of Bolivia–having experienced both modalities–overwhelming prefer socialism. It is not perfect–by any means–but it is being perfected-day by day–by the people. Otherwise, look at the Scandinavian countries, or Cuba–who survives despite every effort the USA can make for it to fail.
    Here’s the kicker–capitalism is arguably the best way to maximally extract unlimited resources-to create disparate wealth the fastest. It requires unlimited resources and we are on the downslope now and those times are past.
    If humanity is to survive, we must care for each other wisely and with compassion, and socialism is the best way I have seen for the future so far.
    I’d rather be socialist than fascist–the direction we seem heading toward full speed ahead.

  6. Locoto,

    Thank you for your response. So far we have been able to have a civil conversation and I hope this continues. Please understand that my response is not meant to be rude or condescending.

    I completed college twice in the last 12 years. The second time just 4 years ago (a bachelors, not a Masters). It’s possible to do, just not at Ivy League schools (but I wouldn’t go to an Ivy League school even if I could afford it). I have family that have gone the military route, and I’ll admit that it could be enticing for many people. My personal view though is that I would rather it have the benefits that it does than no benefits but a mandatory draft.

    I have a hard time using Bolivia or Cuba as good examples of socialism. Bolivia is considered one of the poorest countries on earth, with over half the population living below poverty levels. If I lived below (or even at) poverty level then I’d prefer socialism to! Their life expectancy is only around 65 and most people do not have access to decent health care. Bolivia also has people as young as 14 in their military, not an ideal situation.

    As for Cuba, any country that people are willing to risk their life by building boats out of trash to float to America couldn’t be that great of an example for socialism either.

    If you look at the current issues at the state level in the US, and at individual countries within the EU, the primary problem is the high cost of socialist problems those countries/states have. When the economy takes a bad turn spending should be cut, but having programs that the people of the country become dependent on does not allow the spending to be cut, which causes the country/state to fall.

  7. How do I join???

  8. […] to FIST’s website, it is a “national group of young activists committed to fighting racism, sexism, oppression of […]

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