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  1. I would like to get the newsletter

  2. I congratulate all comrades of FIST and all other associated organizations.

    I wish you would add my e mail address for sending updates of all of your works on a regular basis.

    We shall be delighted to cooperate with you organizationally.

  3. Colleges keep raising their tuition, and are making it harder for students to enter their college. Community colleges in the State of Washington raise their tuition as much as 7% a year. It now cost over 2,000 dollars a quarter to go to their community colleges. They are now cutting budgets and eliminated programs that help the poor, and others. The books prices keep going up and some cost over $200 dollars per book. I live in a city that has eliminated programs such as chemical dependency, human resources, paralegal, auto body, and replaced these programs with criminal justice, forensics science, and business degree. I seen them build over 2 million dollar building, for that students have a forensic lab to fight crime with. I feel that if we are poor and want to help do good in society and get people off drugs forget it, we have to spend more money for on building a lab for criminal justice, so they can arrest more people and build more prisons.

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