VIDEO: Food is a Right campaign, youth brigade in NYC

Food is a Right campaign, youth brigade in NYC


Protesters to counter racists at 9/11 rally in NYC

By LeiLani Dowell
New York

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, activists and community members are organizing to confront a racist rally being planned by anti-Muslim forces on that day.

The Emergency Mobilization Against Racism, War and Anti-Muslim Bigotry, a broad coalition formed in 2010, has reconvened and is holding a series of meetings in New York City. The group successfully held a counterprotest of some 10,000 people on Sept. 11, 2010, drowning out a much smaller hate- and fear-mongering rally protesting the building of an Islamic Center in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

This year — with all the fanfare surrounding the 10th anniversary — the Mobilization says, “It is more important than ever that we do not allow these racist hate-mongers to be the only voices speaking to the media and to the world. It is especially important to counter, in this period of economic crisis, the forces that want to blame immigrants and Muslims for the growing cutbacks in social services, rising unemployment and continuing wars.” Continue reading

‘Stop privatization of education’, General strike in Chile unites students, workers

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators across Chile supported the second day of a general strike on Aug. 25 as protests against the privatization of education escalated into demands for sweeping governmental and social change.

The government of right-wing billionaire Sebastián Piñera responded to the two-day general strike with repression and violence. This included mass arrests and the killing of at least one youth.

The 14-year-old boy, Manuel Gutiérrez Reinoso, died early Aug. 26 from a bullet wound in the chest. Witnesses said he had been shot by police. Dozens of others were injured and as many as 1,400 detained or arrested.

Police in full riot gear have used tear gas and water cannons against blockades that protesting youths set up. Cops also shot 18-year-old Mario Parraguez Pinto in the eye; he is in critical condition at a hospital in Santiago, the Chilean capital.

Gutiérrez Reinoso’s death followed a demonstration of some 600,000 in Santiago and protests in other cities throughout the country. Protesters are demanding free public education, increased taxes on the corporations and the wealthy, and better pensions and health care for workers.

The Workers’ United Center of Chile (CUT) and the Chilean Student Confederation (Confech) called the two-day strike, the first of its kind since the end of dictator Augusto Pinochet’s rule in 1990. Continue reading

FIST Statement: Loot the dream looters! Youth are right to rebel!

This statement by Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) was written when youth in Britain Aug. 6-9 were rebelling against police brutality, racism and high unemployment.

A war is going on across the world right now.

Bankers and international capitalists, who own the world’s wealth in billions and trillions of dollars, have decided that the future of humanity is negotiable.

They have decided also that basic things like Social Security should be abolished and the elderly should be left in misery.

They have decided that the right to organize a union should be removed and workers should be reduced to mere wage slaves with no representation on the job, no matter how conciliatory and moderate that representation might be.

They have decided public education should be abolished.

They have decided that prisons should blossom and house millions more.

They have decided on endless wars in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, hoping to expand them to Syria and elsewhere. They now seek to thrust their decision on humanity. Continue reading

At U.N. African Union mission: ‘Hands off Libya!’

Photo: Anne Pruden

Omowale Clay, of the December 12th Movement International Secretariat, spoke in defense of Libya at an Aug. 23 news conference in New York City in front of the African Union mission to the United Nations. Fifty people, including a delegation from Côte d’Ivoire, came to support the African Union’s stand against the invasion of Libya. Speakers included New York City Councilmember Charles Barron, who was the Freedom Party’s candidate for governor of New York in 2010.

Demand end to raids & deportations: Detroit immigrants ’march without fear’

Nearly 500 people gathered Aug. 20 in Clark Park in Detroit for a “March Without Fear” aimed at speaking out against Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids, harassment of immigrants, racial profiling and police brutality. The multinational, intergenerational event, which included several speakers and a march through southwest Detroit, was organized by the Alliance for Immigrant Rights and co-sponsored by the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, United Auto Workers Local 600, One Michigan, and several other organizations.

The rally speakers included representatives from co-sponsoring organizations, U.S. Rep. Hansen Clarke of Detroit, and several undocumented youth from One Michigan, who spoke out against deportations and ICE raids which have occurred in their communities, including outside of elementary schools and food pantries. Continue reading

Peoples’ General Assembly: Protest flails ‘dictatorship of bankers’

By Dee Knight
New York

A People’s General Assembly near Wall Street on Aug. 2, organized by New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts and others, responded to the debt-ceiling deal signed that day in Washington after a weeks-long game of political “chicken.”

“We need to make sure people know that what happened on this infamous day is a threat to everyone who is not a billionaire or millionaire,” declared Larry Holmes of Workers World Party at the start of the assembly.

“There’s a reason we called it a General Assembly and not merely a rally or protest,” Holmes said. “We believe what we’re dealing with is a dictatorship of bankers and that democracy is a thin façade — if you blow on it you’ll find out it doesn’t exist.” Holmes recalled that German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler pushed out what the bankers and German industrialists considered a weak government in 1933, “because it could not wage war on the workers and the poor. They needed their own version of the so-called Tea Party, and so they got behind Hitler,” Holmes observed. “This was the beginning of fascism in much of Europe.” Continue reading